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Special live experience

A new stage where artists and fans create online together

Creating new revenue

Ticketing, selling artist's goods, sponsorships, etc.

Fan community connection

Actively promote the artist's activities through exchange, voting, and sharing services among fans through the artist's exclusive fan community

Presented Live is a service that can monetize live events online. With the same experience as offline, the service can sell tickets to fans and perform live performances at venues equipped with real-time transmission systems all over the world, allowing you to conduct live,online events.

Stable global unlimited streaming

Through technical alliances with global video streaming partners, we stream stably, high-quality video to fans worldwide without limiting the number of concurrent users. The video quality is automatically adjusted according to the user's Internet environment.

Various revenue models, including ticket sales

We support various profit models such as ticket sales, goods sales, donation (donation), and sponsorship.

Simultaneous interpretation with host for communication with global fans

We provide host and local interpreters who speak the local language of the target market, so overseas fans can watch the performance without language barriers. (Additional consultation needed)

Communication through real-time chat

Supports real-time chat function so that untactlive viewers can form a consensus with artists or other fans in real time.

Stage and staff optimized for live streaming

A live streaming expert staff is ready with camera and sound settings optimized for live streaming to deliver high-quality content.